January 31th, 2015, v3.2.1

* new -Duplicate- button to clone a connection shortcut
* UltraVNC: selecting automatically the first fixed drive
* better error messages on low memory exception
* Bug fix

June 28th, 2014, v3.1.3

* Korean translation
* fixed some bugs

June 15th, 2014, v3.1.0

* Targeting Android 14
* Introducing action bars

April 27th, 2014, v2.2.0

* Japanese translation
* the back device button: choose to emulate the Escape key, or close the current session
* improvements for the clipboard management (send/receive)
* added error messages if the memory is too low

April 13th, 2014, v2.1.3

* restored the app menu for tablets
* clipboard management (send/receive)
* the BACK button emulates ESC (use the menu to quit the application)
* Possibility to enable the hardware acceleration (per connection shortcut)

February 22, 2014, v2.0.9

* Mouse wheel emulation: use VOLUME up/down keys
* New translated strings
* Fixed a crash when the device does not have enough memory

February 8, 2014, v2.0.7

* fixed some bugs
* fixed some locales problems
* create directory is now a menu option
* targeting api 14

January 25, 2014, v2.0.5

* X11VNC: files transfer supported (ultra vnc mode)
* Spanish translation
* Fixed a crash while disconnecting
* VNC server name is displayed (when the auto detection is possible)

December 22, 2013, v1.5.0

* support of ultraVNC repeater/proxy in mode 1
* locale fix in files transfer activity
* improved the CTRL + ALT + DEL

November 17, 2013, v1.4.0

* new menu Import/export the configuration
* bug fixes during the connection phase

June 7, 2013, v1.3.1

* Tight VNC server 2.7.3 is now supported

May 12, 2013, v1.3.0

* Security: it is now possible to enter the password while connecting. Simply let the password empty from the site’s configuration, you will be prompted in the connection phase
* The server failure message is now displayed when the authentication fails
* Changed the keyboard toggle show/hide method because it seems that the previous one was not working on every Android versions
* added/improved some files transfer icons
* decreased the fading size on the remote view tool-bar

March 3, 2013, v1.1.2

* Added the support of the TIGH encoding for UltraVNC and all servers that are compliant with this encoding (faster and useful with the 3G)
* Added the support of JPEG compression for TIGH encoding
* Improvements keyboard key sending (some keys like ‘@‘ were sending inaccurate char)

January 12, 2013, v1.1.0

* Support of WinLogon authentication bug fixes for UltraVNC 1.0.9 and 1.1.8 versions

November 30, 2012, v1.0.13

* Support of WinLogon authentication for UltraVNC servers
* TightVNC: support of new mouse pointer management
* Minor bug fixes

October 12, 2012, v1.0.11

* new command ‘Rename‘, available for files and directories
* minor bug fixes

June 12, 2012, v1.0.7

* TightVNC: added support for files transfer. It works now with UltraVNC and TighVNC
* TightVNC: better detection of server version and files transfer capabilities.
* TightVNC: better use of UTF8 conversions in order to deal with locales (files transfer bug)
* TIGHT encoding: fixed a bug in gradient filter that can cause a crash, specially with TighVNC for Linux
* Increased HEXTILE encoding performances

May 22,2012, v1.0.4

* - Files Transfert (working with UltraVNC server only right now):
* - Transfer (download and upload) files and complete directories structure,
* - Create / Delete directory,
* - Delete files

April 30,2012, v1.0.1

* Added Support for RFB 4.01 protocol (does not supports RA2 encrypted sessions for now, choose ‘encryption‘=‘prefer on‘ to disable it).
* New update method called ‘Extended Region‘ : ask the server to update 110% of the visible region.
* Better and faster detection of server connection lost.
* Icons are now disabled on connection lost.
* Vibrator (on click) can be enabled/disabled.
* Fixed two possible crash when using keyboard during a connection lost.
* Changed the application name to akRDC (icon and system registration).

April 19,2012, v1.0.0

* New button to refresh the entire screen in remote control session: usefull in update ‘Visible region’ mode.
* Phone ‘Menu’ button is now used to show/hide the toolbar in the running remote control session.
* It is now possible to force locale (FR, EN, or Default)
* New buttons OK/Cancel in site configuration dialog-box.
* Text translation fixes.

April 2012, v0.1.2

* Support for UltraVNC server
* Fixed bad fast-keyx behaviour

April 2012, v0.1.0

* First version of akRDC_Free, the PRO version is coming quickly !

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